Millions of High Quality Vectors at Depositphotos

Bored by the unsatisfying free vectors on the internet? Well, if you are really looking for high quality vectors, you can try Depositphotos. Depositphotos is a microstock website and agency for buying and selling stock files. This website actually can provide all kind of images for your business or personal needs including photos and illustrations. You can even get stock videos which is quite new addition to this website’s collection. In short, Depositphotos is the perfect place for you to find various kinds of high-quality files, which one of them is vector.


Vector or illustration is quite popular in this website. Until now, you can get more than 1.8 million royalty free stock vectors here. Vectors are also available in different categories provided by Depositphotos such as Abstract, Background, Technology, Places, and etcetera. You can browse everything you need easily in this website since the interface is very user-friendly and the search function is so much helpful. Besides browsing all images by your own, Depositphotos has also provided some image lightbox for their users. This lightbox is a special collection contains selected images or best images from particular contributors. You can find both photos and vectors lightbox in Depositphotos. Below are some of the vectors that you can see inside the lightbox.


Colorful Discount Banners from


Navigation Elements with Icons Set from

There are still millions of other high quality vectors available in Depositphotos. Those sleek images and illustrations are also available in very reasonable prices. You can download vector image from this site starting from only $ 0.15. If you think that the image you download is not enough, you can always download the bigger resolution version also with different reasonable prices; and if that is still not enough, you can have the EPS file completed with extended license for certain price. The stock file prices in Depositphotos are indeed affordable seeing the quality that they offer. You can have different kind of subscription plan or credit plan according to your need of images. Make sure to check their subscription plan page for better detail.

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