20 Outstanding Premium Ghost Themes

In this article we have gathered 20 outstanding ghost themes with clean, minimalist designs. These all themes are lightweight, minimal, and have beautiful typography and all are a solid foundation for creating own theme. I hope you enjoy this collection and leave your comments below.

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Outstanding Ghost Themes
Ghost themes cant stay apart from the web design trends. Unblock is a Ghost theme based on flat design. The layout is pretty simple compared to other WordPress websites, but complex for an average Ghost theme. Altogether, one can easily notice the care for the details and the focus on content. A subtle and interesting aspect is the wonderful contrast between the white background and the red “Read more” buttons. Not too obtrusive, but the contrast is visible for everyone.


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Echo is the perfect example of what a Ghost theme should be. Its minimalistic, the images used have a strong message and the reader has no items to disturb him/her from reading. In addition, it creates a warm and personal atmosphere- definitely a great climate for personal blogs.

Negative Space

Outstanding Ghost Themes
I consider that this theme is the most minimalist one from this collection. Everything is reduced at maximum, there is nothing to shine, just background and text. In spite of this extreme simplicity, Negative Space is looking mysterious and it attracts people. If you love minimalism approaches, then this theme is for you!


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Royale is another great Ghost theme that is suitable for personal blogs projects. It benefits from Disqus comments and Flickr widget, therefore the engaging with the readers has all the needed “ingredients”. Another plus is the discrete, but wonderful sidebar.

Been There

Outstanding Ghost Themes
Been There is the opposite of the previous themes. These were all minimalistic or lacking images and vivid colours while Been There is an example of how colours work for a good design. Its the best choice for travel blogging, but it may be customised for almost any kind of blogs.


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Ghost was created with the purpose of rediscovering the beauty of reading. Of course, there are many people that still prefer the old format of a paper book and the designers tried to satisfy them in this respect. Verida is a Ghost theme that imitates the format of a paper book and I think that it will be a huge success. What do you think? Am I right?


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Plattan is built with the idea that colours should help the readers and not distract them. Lacking the colours may be a solution for many particular cases, but it cant be a universal key. This theme wonderfully uses the colours and I think that it deserves your attention.


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Parallax scrolling is a very used method and of course, it may be applied to Ghost themes, as well. Phantom is a great theme that beautifully displays any types of posts, including the ones embedding videos or SoundCloud items.

The Great Adventure

Outstanding Ghost Themes
The Great Adventure is a great theme. Personally, I think that this theme is perfect for story driven projects, each post being a new episode. The full screen availability is a great feature and in addition to the fresh design any reader will be made extremely curious.


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Exotique is a Ghost theme that comes into four variants, depending on the favourite colour scheme. Its flat based and its perfect for a modern and intimate style. Exotique works best for photographers portfolios, but it may be used for almost any type of blogging projects.


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Mjolnir is a very good looking Ghost theme. It has tons of impressive features as CSS3 animations, social media sharing possibilities, infinite scrolling and Google Analytics. Its fully responsive and easy to customise so you should consider this theme in the eventuality that you will launch a Ghost based website.


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Aireal has nothing fancy into its layout, but overall its nice and eye-catching. I think that the biggest feature of this theme is the calming atmosphere that stimulates the reading. Also, if you like cats, then you will definitely like this theme. Am I right?


Outstanding Ghost Themes
This Ghost theme is one of the most visually appealing from this list. The structure is simple and clutter free, but it doesnt mean that its usability is affected. One of the most interesting items is the discrete system of displaying/hiding the sidebar. Overall, the structure creates the perfect environment for reading and it is awesome because it is the main purpose of any Ghost theme.


Outstanding Ghost Themes
This theme has four versions (left or right sidebar by default or customisable) and it looks very similar to a simple WordPress theme. Personally, I think that this is the winning combination: a layout that isnt as complicated as many WordPress blogs are, but not as minimalist as some Ghost themes. Congratulations to the creators; big like from me!


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Cicero is a very formal theme that is very suitable for more serious or official online presences. It expresses refinement through a classic approach and its impossible not to remark such a special design. Taking into account the fact that it is responsive and customisable I guess that you are already curious to find out more about it, isnt it?


Outstanding Ghost Themes
This theme isnt as serious as Cicero, but it has many similitudes to it. The landing page is very attractive and it works as a magnet for the viewers. Another plus of this theme is the font used-its big, strong and very readable. Definitely, its one of the best solutions for handheld devices because, in addition to these features, Cicero is responsive and retina ready.


Outstanding Ghost Themes
Aerology is a wonderful theme. Firstly, I like very much the use of flat design- simple and usable. Secondly, the colours used are very attractive and I think that these will convince the viewer not to abandon the website. Thirdly, the transition effects are very cool. So, there is no doubt that this theme will be a great hit!


Outstanding Ghost Themes
This Ghost theme is totally unconventional. The Masonry style and infinite scrolling arent common features of Ghost based websites but Mason have inserted both of them. Altogether, the layout is clean and enjoyable. If you want to stay apart, then this theme is for you!


Outstanding Ghost Themes
The creators of Norrsken also used Masonry style and infinite scrolling. The ones that appreciate these, but didnt like the previous themes have a second choice that is also looking great. Still, these themes are different- Norrsken has a totally standing apart colour scheme.


Outstanding Ghost Themes s

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