18 Free Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

Tumblr style WordPress themes are deliver short messages and huge time save. You can post link, video, audio, chats, quotes etc. This selection of 18 Free Tumblr Style WordPress Themes will be right up you alley.

Stumblr MicroBlog Theme

A free Tumblr style WordPress theme ideal for Microblogging photos video.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

Launch Tumblog Style

A free, super-awesome, tumblog style theme. Launch is a sweet little theme for the personal blogger who likes to blog in style. Provides support for your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


BonPress is the perfect personal blog theme. Packed with Post Formats (audio, video) feature and multiple Custom Widgets, like Twitter, Flickr, will offer you a unique experience from blogging.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


Buttercream is a sweet treat for your blog or website. This theme supports all post formats, an optional responsive design for smaller screens (perfect for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices), custom backgrounds, a custom pop-up menu and three widget-ready sidebars in the footer.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera is a snazzy illustrated microblogging theme. Perfect for the photoblogger, camera enthusiast, or anyone who wants a sleek vintage look for their blog.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


Pachyderm is a whimsical tumblog-style theme supporting all post formats, featured images, optional right sidebar, drop-down menu, flexible header image, custom backgrounds, and a responsive layout for mobile devices.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


An elegant and bold theme featuring multiple, visually distinct, Post Formats. Designed by Matthew Buchanan and inspired by the art direction of Esquire magazine.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

Tumblog Frosty

Tumblog Frosty is a concise Tumblr-like theme with dark color tone. This is the first one of a series made by hostucan. More will come in future. It’s a excellent theme for blogs related to art, life, travel etc.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

Tumblog Fashion

Fashion is a excellent theme for photo gallery, music or video sharing blogs.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

Casual WordPress Theme

Casual is a free WordPress tumblog theme with infinite color options and a friendly, personal layout.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


As simple as Tumblr, as powerful as WordPress

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

Garuda Di Dadaku

Garuda Di Dadaku is a free Tumblog style WordPress themes brought to you by WPCharity. Actually it is built on the same TwentyTen theme, so it is another child theme.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


Salju is a vivacious WordPress theme that features falling snowflakes and a snowman. It is very niche specific and could only be used for a Winter season.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


Quade is a tumblog wordpress theme that mimics the features and function of a Tumblr theme. Tumblr system allows to easily post and share different type of contents like Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, chats, and videos.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


Ubert is a wordpress themes with features similar to Tumblr sites. You can post different contents like, asides, link, video, audio, images, chats, quotes etc and each of these contents types are presented differently.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


This is a monochromatic, lightweight and minimalistic tumblog wordpress theme. It is also seasoned with a dash of CSS3 magic. You will see that when you hover over the post type icons.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


Quantez is tumblog wordpress theme type. Tumblog themes are wordpress themes with features similar to Tumblr sites. You can post different contents like, asides, link, video, audio, images, quotes etc and each of these contents types are presented differently. This tumblog theme uses WordPress ‘post formats’ to manage these different content types.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes


This is our new tumblog theme. This is a very minimalistic and light weight theme maintaining a professional and well balanced layout and typography.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

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