Unique Playing Cards Keep Card Games More Exciting

Card games are more exciting when using unique playing cards. For some good choices, here are some examples of unconventional and far from being traditional playing cards that will surely make your card games a whole lot more exciting.

Folio Society

These playing cards are masterpiece work of Jonathan Burton. The cards are in beautiful nostalgic style that gives the card a bold retro appeal (the golden age of board game).And because they’re so beautiful; it is not surprising to get distracted as your eyes can’t help staring at those beautiful illustrations, but who cares? There’s nothing as amusing than looking at anything that’s beautiful. Some of the best mobile casino sites might pick up the idea of using these beautifully crafted playing for their card games like blackjack and poker. That’s something to watch for 2014. By the way, these cards are commissioned by The Folio Society.

Card Games

Type Deck Cards

(A soft whisper for card collectors; Type Deck cards are only on a limited edition.)

With each card having individual and unique typography designs, Type Deck’s 52 custom playing cards are definitely a cool playing card. Each card has a custom font that makes the card one of a kind. While each card has its own type of font, it is designed to still be used as traditional deck cards like those we see in some innovative and creative mobile casino. Kickstarter funded this creative project and we all know that Kickstarter has soft heart and eyes for anything that’s born out of creative minds.

Card Games

Joe Douchet

Joe Douchet cards plays around the idea of how much can be taken away while maintaining the p0layable deck. He uses marginal regulation with symbols instead of hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. Minimalist card players will fall in love with these cards. Joe Douchet‘s IOTA playing cards debuted in New York last May  2013 when the designer presented his works in Wanted Design Play exhibition.

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Ripley’s Kaleidoscope

Playing with these cards brings back the child in us. The cards are fully illustrated and with fun games that kids as well as the not so young will love. While here’s a lot of Ridley’s touches in the packaging (Ridley’s a retro toy maker) that brings back the 1960’s era, the kaleidoscope concept which makes use of colorful and geometric patterns makes the cards unique. A kaleidoscope is part of our growing up (it’s a toy that allows us to see colorful geometrical patterns at one end and when twisted at the other end creates amazing new patterns).

The cards come in two sets and with instructions.  Receiving a Ridley’s kaleidoscope playing cards as gift is sure to bring joys in many card games lovers. While Ridley’s kaleidoscope playing cards care of classic, a variation with modern touches is seen in London’s Wild and Wolf Kaleidoscope playing cards.

Card Games

Playing cards are the “queen” of card games. Playing with old, worn-out and over used cards makes the game boring. Now of course, anyone who loves to keep the game more exciting would love to play with new and fresh cards and playing with cards that are unique makes the card game something special. Amusingly, a lover of card games loves to keep a pack of his own. Some may stick to the traditional and the classic. Those who are more inclined to changes around him would love to see their cards attuned to the modern world and would welcome design changes to their playing cards.  So we  see playing cards designers from time to time come up with fresh ideas that allow the ”classic” playing cards get some facelifts. And this helps keep the card games more exciting.

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