5 Amazing Plugins let you control UX of WordPress Site

The UX experience of a site certainly is the thing that must be considered for a successful website. If your site is not delivering a good UX, you will merely generate conversions. This is because your creativity, cool graphics and absolute products will hardly get any appreciation without a noteworthy and intuitive design and navigation.

There are numerous businesses that are irreparably distressed with the poor design decisions that have led to a poor UX. Fortunately, the WordPress website owners can handle their site’s user experience by simply installing the resourceful plugins. Thus, don’t feel jittery if you run a WP site with not-so-good UX, you can improve that by using an appropriate plugin. All you need to do is streamline the list of do’s and don’ts; prioritize your tasks and seek a suitable plugin in the repository to ensure a successful website.

To help you handle the UX of your site, here we have compiled a list of blissful plugins that deliver remarkable performance. Let’s explore their features and see how you can improve the experience of your site visitors with these plugins.


Tip 1: Your site information must be legible and easily accessible, so your visitors need not make additional efforts for fetching the requisite info.

You can make your web content more intuitive and impressive to catch your visitors’ attention and there are certain amazing plugins that can help create an eye-catching effect on pertinent UI elements like CTA buttons, social icons, and more.

WordPress Calls to Action: For Captivating CTA buttons.

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are undoubtedly the most significant elements of a webpage. These buttons represent the actions that you want your visitors to perform. Thus, by appropriately handling CTA buttons, you can improve the likelihood of getting these actions performed and hence, heighten your conversion rates and sales.

This fabulous plugin allows one to create a compelling CTA with a flair. You can track the conversion rates and perform A/B split tests on buttons. It offers a great way to optimize a site for proficiently converting passive visitors into leads. It can create popups for CTAs or you may design custom CTA.

Shareaholic: For social integration and monetization.

Social integration plays a significant role in modern website. Thus, these icons must be placed in an ideal position so that viewers can easily see them. According to the ongoing trend, it is better to place them either in the header space or at the bottom of posts.

Shareaholic is a fantastic plugin that offers an effective and easy way to attract potential traffic to a site. This versatile plugin also enables one to monetize his site while amplifying the look and feel of the web content. It emphasizes on recent updates, featured content, social sharing, etc., and showcase them in a well-organized fashion. This prolific plugin enables one to easily use the dashboard to perform multiple tasks, including traffic monetization, content promotion, and so forth.

Tip 2: Your site must load quickly. If it is consuming a lot of time to sputter and load (even with a few more seconds), it can adversely impact your business.

In this mobile age, nobody got time to wait for a website. Therefore, your website must be lightning fast if you really want to hold your visitors interest. Else, your potential traffic will abandon your site and probably switch to your competitors. And, I’m sure that you will not want this to happen. Let’s have a glance at the plugin that can help you improve your site loading speed.

W3 Total Cache – For optimizing the loading time of a site

This popular plugin is lauded for its fruitful features across the globe. It can agilely load the web pages via caching and thus, deliver an outstanding UX. Furthermore, it also facilitates an easy integration with a CDN (Content Delivery Network). It, thus, allows one to keep content and images on another network, which helps decrease the server load. The plugin is compatible with dedicated servers, shared hosting, and virtual private servers. It also brilliantly implements the HTTP compression and reduces CSS code and JavaScript to improve the loading speed.

Tip 3: If your site is not offering a safe environment for your users, it can impact the UX.

WordPress is a popular CMS that is used by a zillion of individuals. And, it has been observed that hackers or malicious code can damage your website or harm your users’ content by finding a hole to gain the access. Therefore, it is more than imperative to ensure a highly secure platform where your users can conveniently and securely interact with your site.

Sucuri WordPress Plugin – To secure a WP site.

Sucuri WordPress Plugin is a wonderful plugin that offers a slew of resourceful security features. The plugin allows one to kick around and monitor the website with a great precision, perform server-side scanning and get notified via security alerts. If required, you may invest in their premium services for malware cleanup and unlimited expert guidance.

Tip 4: Since, an ideal UX and SEO shares a lot of common aspects, it would be great to consider search engine optimization.

While making a website search engine optimized, we need work upon different aspects, including image optimization, keyword selection, HTML coding, crisp and precise headings, and so forth. Thus, it can be said that SEO guidelines share a lot of common points with the UX guidelines.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

With this incredible plugin, you can develop a unique and better content for your website while focusing over certain keywords. It also manages all the optimization at the technical level. Moreover, while improving the search engine rank of your site, it is offering a wider audience base. Thus, this easy-to-use plugin can also help generate more traffic.

Use the aforementioned astounding plugins in your WordPress site and efficiently improve the overall usability and appearance of your site. This will further help you enhance the user experience (UX).

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