Popular PrestaShop Modules 2014

Here are the short collection of popular prestashop modules which will go a long way to providing many o those common feature requests. These modules give you the ability to customize every corner of your online business. Enjoy this article!

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Live Chat Support Integration

Live chat has become common and requirement of any business website. Live chat and support plugin enables you to directly interact with customers, clients or readers and solve the problem. Here are 10 best WordPress live chat support plugins which are helpful for your websites.

5 Amazing Plugins let you control UX of WordPress Site

The UX experience of a site certainly is the thing that must be considered for a successful website. If your site is not delivering a good UX, you will merely generate conversions. This is because your creativity, cool graphics and absolute products will hardly get any appreciation without a noteworthy and intuitive design and navigation.

30+Top Rated WordPress Custom Interface Elements

In this showcase we have 30+ Top Rated WordPress Custom Interface Elements that cover for all your requirements. These plug-ins shorten your posts and make them look more presentable. Right from its first release, is all about user experience and presentation. Check out this useful post and also do share with your friends.

40+ Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2014

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20+ Popular WordPress Newsletter Plugins

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20+ Best Twitter Bootstrap Extensions

Here are the collection of twitter bootstrap extensions that are the perfect companions to the framework. Front-end web application bootstrap rapid development toolkit. The CSS and a combination of HTML, web development gives you stylish typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, systems, etc. Enjoy!

10+ Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

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19 Best jQuery Typography Plugins

For this post we have collected 19 useful jQuery plugins that allow you to do things to type that could’t be done before. Try using of the following jQuery plugins if you are looking for better control over the typography in your designs.